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1 hour

Abridge Academy curriculum - July newbie workshop

Welcome to the Abridge Academy curriculum!

This workshop is for all online ESL teachers who are new to the Abridge Academy curriculum. It will run you through how to find the various resources on the Abridge Academy website, as well as top tips for making the most of the lesson tools, activities and supplementary resources.

We will cover:

  • Navigating your member dashboard;

  • Placing your students at the correct level;

  • Using the slide tools and teaching platform tools;

  • Example lesson activities and how to make the most of the slides in your classes;

  • Where to find supplementary resources for each lesson;

  • Latest lesson updates and coming-soon insights;

  • All your questions answered, live.

Note that this is a WORKSHOP, not just a webinar - the perfect opportunity to receive some individual support getting started and ask any questions you have ❤️ ~Katie


The speakers

This event will be powered by some great professionals

Katie Prescott


Abridge Academy

Katie is the founder and director of Abridge Academy. She has been teaching and tutoring independently, online and in the classroom (UK, China and Japan) for over 10 years. At Abridge Academy, Katie designs and leads curriculum development, provides teacher training and supports teacher members.

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